Make money from your studio recording audio books

Make money from your studio recording audio books

You want to make money from your studio, right? But if music currently isnít doing it for you, perhaps you need to explore alternative outlets.

Audio Masterclass

Firstly, take a look at This will convince you that audio books are big business. But perhaps not so big that there isnít room for newcomers, like the music industry often seems to be.

The range of books available as audio books is nothing short of astounding. A few years ago when audio books were mainly produced on CD or cassette, the choice was tiny.

But now we have downloads. And where it took several CDís to store one audio book, now you just need a few spare megabytes on your iPod.

And donít think its only fiction; there are factual books, biographies, self-help Ė the full range.

Not convinced yet? Well hereís the clincher....

Audio books can be MORE expensive than paperback printed books.

Indeed, audio books are practically a luxury market where buyers donít particularly care about price.

And of course, that is EXACTLY where you want to be.

So, how do you get started?......

Firstly you canít just make an audio version of any old book. You have to get permission from the copyright owner, and that will involve the negotiation of a licence fee.

Of course, the licenses for many books will have been sold already. You will need to be a little bit creative about your choice to find a book that will be in demand, but not already taken.

You will need an outlet for your work. may be one, but they are at the very high end so donít expect this to be an easy option.

But you can sell lots of things on these days and on eBay almost anything goes!

This topic would take a whole e-book to cover, but at least you can now think about taking your first steps into this market.

Oh, by the way, donít forget to audition an audio book from a top source such as first. Make sure that your work is professional in EVERY way.

Publication date: Tuesday November 30, 1999
Author: David Mellor



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