Recording Studio Engineer Wanted - pay up to £25,551 ($46,917)

Recording Studio Engineer Wanted - pay up to £25,551 ($46,917)

It's not often you see a job for a recording engineer advertised. But today you do! And the pay isn't bad either...

Audio Masterclass

Make no mistake, this is the most fantastic job opportunity you are likely to see for the rest of this decade.

Firstly, this kind of job is hardly ever advertised. You usually have to be 'in the know' to get to be a recording engineer.

Secondly, the ad doesn't ask for a great deal of professional experience. You could apply even if you have never worked as a recording engineer before, as long as you have the right academic qualifications. (If you don't have the qualifications but do have the experience, I would still apply, and make sure they understand what your strengths are.)

Thirdly, the pay isn't bad! Many engineers start out by working for nothing but free use of studio downtime. Either that or the minimum legal wage. But even the starting rate of £22,665 ($41,617) is pretty good for a first job.

"But I don't want to work for an academy of music and drama, I want to work in a proper studio."

Yes, I can hear many people saying that. But this would be a step on the ladder of experience. And the experience you could get from this would be amazing. You would be working with instrumentalists and singers of all types, in every possible combination all the way up to full orchestra.

And naturally, many of the students will play guitars and electronic instruments too. I wouldn't be surprised if there are quite a number of composers and songwriters too.

So don't wait. Send in your application now. You will need to be able to work legally in the United Kingdom. Sorry, but I can't help with a visa.

Truly, this is an amazing opportunity to get the kind of experience that money simply can not buy.

Go for it! Go for it!! Go for it!!!

P.S. Go for it!!!!

Publication date: Saturday July 01, 2006
Author: David Mellor



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DiamondDave, You have to be the stupidest dumbfuck in the world.
Monday August 28, 2006






there some folks in here thats bullying me so do read the bad stuff.

i think there kids.

anyway i can send you all my facts.

i charge less why i love my work.


hey if want to tip thats ok.

but you only need to pay me once a year.

aftwer all your company need to save to get ahead.

not tryen to steal the job but im a pro and im go to go

check me out

or my youtube

look under diamondave103
Tuesday August 15, 2006

Chen, London

Yes you missed it. If you were a subscriber you'd have seen it in time.
Sunday August 13, 2006


Closing date for applications: 21st July 2006
Sunday August 13, 2006

Anthony-Valentine ACHU, Yaounde, Cameroon

Enjoyed and have learned alot from
Sunday July 30, 2006

Davis, Athens, Ga

Point closed. Thank you.
Tuesday July 25, 2006

Ton, den Haag, Netherlands

Wow Davis!!!!

Cocaine are bad for the brain.
Tuesday July 25, 2006

Davis, Athens, Ga

Now, this is refreshing! Too many times I've come here hoping to gain a constructive perspective and walked away feeling that this board is nothing more than a vent for the frustrated know-it-alls to degrade the folks that are just starting out and are in need of some helpful tips and encouragement. Everyone begins recording at the same level...novice. But we all strive for excellence.

This is not to say I haven't read some really helpful comments here. I have. And I have applied and tested them in multiple settings. Some have worked for me and others have not. But no matter what our individual levels of expertise, we are all here to learn. And if you already know everything......


Hope everyone has a nice week! Happy recording!!!
Tuesday July 25, 2006

Jack, Peterborough, Canada

I too have poked fun at a few comments here and there in the past, but I think I'll stop this even if it is done in a harmless humour-like way. After all, these articles are intended for everyone, regardless of there level of experience. It's just a way for all of us to learn and exchange experience and ideas. I love this news letter, and I'm sure most of us do as well. I for one am going to get back to writing and hopefully reading information that is helpful in one way or another to us all. The music biz is one of the hardest in the world to be succesfull in, and I just wish that we had more news letters of this kind. Keep up the great work David.


Jack Leyton
Tuesday July 25, 2006

ANDY THOMPSON, Warkworth, Canada

When I read some of the abrasive and reactive comments posed by some of the subscribers above, I am embarassed that I too reacted in a similar fashion to an article regarding "recording clean drum tracks". In my defence, I was operating at the time on a diet of 6 or 7 fine German fighting beers, and little else. No need to get abusive. Obviously, with the deluge of computer based "you too can be an instant engineer/composer/arranger/musician" software on the market, work for the dedicated and passionate student of the above arts has become limited, as there are now so many "freeloaders" with litte or no experience, flooding the job market. Recorded music has, for a number of years now, been reduced to background noise to fill an unwanted void that occurs when there is a peaceful silence. I guess that's why most "artists" of this century, yell and swear so much. They are just trying to make someone in the office/elevator/subway/department store, acknowledge their...whoops! ran out of
Saturday July 22, 2006

Hemant Shrestha, kathmandu, nepal

HI i am from nepal i finished my engineering in sound form st.petersbourg university of cinema and television,russia and few months traning in national conservatory in paris.I got the message from Record Producer's Newsletter. But I've no idea how to contact you guys for the vacant. Thank you.
Friday July 21, 2006

Davis, Athens, GA, USA

WOW! There are some really haughty, rude blokes leaving comments here! Betcha don't know a whole lot about HVAC, home repair, general maintenance, automobiles, jet engine repair or astrophysics, but I don't see anyone calling YOU an idiot here for not knowing these things. Maybe we should! You seem to think that everyone in the world should know what you know, otherwise they are just dumb SOB's. So you bring your pithy little comments to this forum, and instead of helping folks, you attempt to patronize them and insult them by flaunting your vast,"infinitesimal knowledge and wisdom" of all things related to computers and cyberspace. GET ME A BUCKET!!I'd be willing to bet that not a one of you could dismantle a computer and repair a cracked, damaged or burned out motherboard without replacing it completely. But if you could, you be here boasting! WORD to the not so wise after all: Get off your friggin' soap boxes and try a little compassion for those "LESSER" than Almighty YOU!!
Wednesday July 19, 2006

Nikola Radivojevic, Belgrade, Serbia

I am from Serbia and just finished Academy of Drama Arts, Sound recording and design...this pay is great to me :)). If anyone have similar job let me know, I will send my CV, reference and work
Wednesday July 19, 2006, den Haag, Netherlands

25.000? comeone my housekeeper makes more.

We pay arround 45.000 for owher people.


Bluetune Studio
Tuesday July 18, 2006

a CIMA Person, (Computer Integrated Musical Artist), Antioch, IL, USA

HELLO people its called cyber-space ever hear of it, well Ur on it right now!!!!!! google epic 2015 it will scare the heck out of you, U can find all kinds of recording and engineering jobs if you know HOW to search the internet!!! Gosh, i am also an IT manager, so i know this, but many recording studios dont have a well metatagged site so it doesnt op right up in Ur face in google, DUH!! So Use the search quieres they have like define: ____ (word) and it will define the word, google has a page on how to do all their stuff. But in 15 minutes i found 27 real verified engineering jobs that pay more than that stupid ad above, People Utilize the internet, dont just stare at it expecting the internet to do all these majic tricks for you, computers are stupid, until you tell it to do something smart and it will. Gosh, i can't belive i wasted my time for this... its called common sense, anyone have any left today?? or are we all sheep??? Get in the corrale! WHIP!--
Monday July 17, 2006

Derek, Appomattox, VA, USA

What a lazy bunch of whiners.

It took me less than 5 minutes to go on the website and get all the info and that includeed being able to download an application.

If you would like further information or wish to discuss the post informally, please contact Gary Brunton, Technical Facilities Manager, 0141 270 8208.
Monday July 17, 2006

Saurabh Sen, Kathmandu , Nepal

I got the message from Record Producer's Newsletter. But I've no idea how to contact you guys for the job. Thank you.
Monday July 17, 2006

julian mascarenhas, mumbai, india

its a wonderful thing that now a days there is a vacancy , i would love to do these jobs , but u should give the contact numbers also , so that an engineer can call , if suppose iam interested then , what can i do, so iam requesting u that if u give the ad vacancy , give the contact no too. thank u

julian mascarenhas
Monday July 17, 2006