Another amazing bargain keyboard instrument

David Mellor

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Wednesday March 27, 2013

Oh dear, I've been watching daytime television again. But it's my job! I need to keep up with trends in background music. Honestly, I really do.

Some of the programmes are quite inventive. One such is Bargain Hunt, where two teams buy junk at boot sales and sell it on as antiques at auction. The winning team is the one that makes the most profit (or least loss). In the middle of the programme there is a section where presenter Tim Wonnacott goes off to visit some stately home or other and comment on a piece of furniture.

But in one episode, he found something rather different - an amazing keyboard instrument, that apparently cost the buyer less than £20! He goes on to dismantle it and explain exactly how it works.

I could go on to explain more, but why wait? Here's the video...

Wow. There's something rather amazing about reality isn't there? Oh well, back to my DAW and virtual instruments...

Want another? Here it is...

Useful links...

Bargain Hunt
Fenton House

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